Employers will sign up on Scouting Careers portal site by entering the information requested in the sign up form under the "Employer" tab by clicking on the "Register" link at top right. After Sign Up an email with your password will be sent automatically to the email address provided during sign up, in order to be able to Login on Scouting Careers site.

      • - Click Register top right

      • - Click on Employer tab

      • - Fill in the requested information

      • - Click on Sign Up button

      • - Receive Credentials by email

    • - Manage Company Profile

      - Post A New Job (Edit and Delete also included)

      - Buy Job Listing Packages

      - View Packages

      - View Transactions

      - Receive specific job applications from candidates

      - Shortlist Candidates

      - View Applicants Resume

      - View and Download Applicants CV & Cover Letter

      - Contact Applicants by email

      - and much more

  • Once you pay a package successful and submit your job listing, it will appear on Scouting Careers portal in real-time.
    • Please check and make sure that "Application Deadline Date" is setup with a future date. A Candidate can't apply for the job listing after the submitted "Application Deadline Date" is expired.

      If the "Application Deadline Data" is already setup with a future date, we suggest to opt for the Standard Package & Featured which includes daily marketing on various platforms.

    • One can Edit or/and Delete published job listing  through Scouting Careers employer interface under "Manage Jobs" after authentication during the job listing lifetime.

    • We offer a number of different packages. The cost of each package is clearly show under "Buy Job Packages" in main menu. Scouting Careers has three different plans when it comes to Job Listing, which are;

      1. Free Package ( One job listing for 15 days - FREE - Package Validity: 1 month - No Marketing included)

      2. Basic Package 

      3. Standard Package (One job listing for 45 days  - Package Validity: 1 Year - inc. Daily Marketing)

      4. Premium Package (Five job listings for 60 days each - $249.99 - Package Validity: Infinite - inc. Marketing)

    • One can also make the Job Featured for just $15.00 and it will be listed on our Job Portal Home Page and on all of our job listing pages for all the job posting lifetime to get more exposure.

    • Yes, Scouting Careers  can represent your job job listing on your behalf without mentioning the name of the company. Kindly get in touch by email or by phone for more information.


    • All Jobs Listing can be upgraded to Featured for an additional fee of $15 only. By making a specific job featured it will increase exposure for your job vacancy by being visible on Scouting Careers home page.  A prime location to enhance more views.

      A Job Vacancy can be upgraded to Featured from Employer Dashboard under "Manage Jobs" or when submitting the Job Vacancy itself under "Post a Job".

    • If your company logo is not being displayed correctly even though you followed the instructions displayed before uploading your logo, please try to make your logo of the same width and height.

    • ainly that means that the order has not been paid. It can be that you abandoned the order in Paypal or Stripe. No action is required from your side.

      Please buy another package and make sure that this time the payment is successful and that you don't abandon the order.

    • All Job Listings have an expiry date as stated under the "Buy Job Packages" section in the main menu. Once the listing expires, it will be marked as Inactive.

      One has three options once a Job Listing is Inactive, which are;

      1. Leave as Inactive

      2. Delete job Listing

      3. Edit, Pay and re-submit the job Listing

    • Mainly that means that the order has not been paid for that specific Job Listing. It can be that you abandoned the order in Paypal. No action is required from your side.

      For security reasons, the system will only allow one more try to pay that specific Job listing by clicking on "Edit" and select a new Package. Otherwise one will need to buy another package and make sure that this time the payment is successful before posting any new Job Listings and that you don't abandon the order.

    • All Job Applications are accessible through the Employer dashboard interface. Kindly visit "Manage Jobs" from your main menu where you will find a link for each job listing in order to view who had applied for that specific job listing. You will be able to view applicant profile/resume, View/Download CV, contact applicant and much more.