This Next 50X METAVERSE Coin Will Make Us Fortune


Metaverses are the next frontier of human exploration. They will reshape how we interact online and further blur that line between the real world and the digital world, where we already spend a lot of our lives.

But, of course, when you add VR and nfts to the mix things get a lot more interesting.

NetVRk is an open sandbox virtual multiverse. The closest comparison is Decentraland but with VR. İt’s built using the unreal engine, making it easy for game developers to build on it and really making the possibilities virtually endless.

What is NetVRk?

You’ll be able to use it with a VR headset. You’ll also be able just to use your web browser on your pc and they’re adding support to play it on mobile as well.

So İt opens the possibilities because you can build or play games within the NetVRk universe or just explore or hold business meetings.

Something that sets NetVRk apart is its sandbox. You can change how the terrain looks to suit your liking, build structures on it, get creative and just go buck wild making anything you like.

The level of customization here is a lot more than existing Metaverses like Decentraland. Then when you’re done building, take your creation, mint it into an nft and drop it into the land you own or just sell it to someone else.

So you can make money creating these assets, but you can also create games within the ecosystem and then charge users to access them. Or you can just buy some land and rent it out or sell advertising space, and even though I hate ads, I do think that this aspect will be helpful for business adoption.

Then you combine that with the play to earn aspects to encourage mainstream adoption, and I think that this could put NetVRk on a nice trajectory, so I’m interested to see what people create and then what kind of economy develops around this.

People can build content by building it from scratch using the unreal engine or importing 3d models or 2d art or music or whatever other things they want to import.

But they’re also building a mobile app where you’ll be able to scan your real-world items and bring them into the virtual world, which will be awesome if they can do it well and it actually works.


Here is the token distribution. Again, team allocation is very small compared to what we usually see.

Although the vesting schedules are a bit complex when you look at them, they are well thought out and designed, which makes sense considering they probably had pharam NetVRk help design it, and they do a great job.

The two main token allocations are for early growth like staking rewards and growing and improving the community, which would be absolutely essential for their success.

The total supply is a hundred million NetVRk, and it will take three years for the full amount to be unlocked and in circulation.

It’s hard to know the exact circulating supply, but by my calculations, around 55 to 60 per cent of the tokens are already in circulation.

That said, I prefer to invest for the long term on projects that I like, so I generally just look at the fully diluted valuation as a metric for growth potential. For example, considering I would still be holding the tokens in three years when it’s fully diluted.

The price is about 4.45 usd a token multiplying that by 100 million puts the fully diluted valuation around 500 million dollars.

So I’d take that and consider what they could grow to if they are successful and the probability of them succeeding, and I use that to make my decision. But that’s just my strategy. Of course, I encourage you to have your own.

Within NetVRk, you can use whichever cryptos you want in the marketplace, but the fees are much lower for using the NetVRk token. So then anything else with that incentive.

I expect this would be the main token used within the whole economy, plus you can stake your NetVRk tokens and earn a portion of the fees earned on the platform.

3.6 million NetVRk are currently in the staking pools, which are all full. All five of them are full.

Partners and Land Sale

In order for a project this ambitious to be successful, they need a ton of partners who are willing to help bootstrap the Metaverse by building in it, which they have.

Here’s the partner list, and over 40 of them will have their virtual locations within NetVRk. Unfortunately, there are far too many for me to name in the video and what you can see on the page isn’t even all of their partners, but you can check them out on their website and their medium blog.

Their land sale, since this is a finite Metaverse land ownership, will be key for people to build here. There will be 15 000 parcels total, and a thousand of them will be sold during their pre-sale going on now.

Potential Drawbacks

Their main competitor Decentraland has a huge head start. Decentraland already has regular events within the world.

There’s tons of stuff to explore in games to play. There are loads of in-game items for customization that are all nfts plus grayscale feature Decentraland and created the Decentraland trust back in march, which encourages whales and institutions to get a slice.

Personally, I’ve also had fun playing around in Decentraland on and off since. January, however, Decentraland is still super buggy, and it’s often slow to load with a gigabit internet connection.

The decentraland market cap is over 6.1 billion dollars, and their fully diluted market cap is over 7.3 billion dollars. That makes it over 100 times bigger than NetVRk.

So I am not a financial adviser. However, I think the growth potential within NetVRk is far higher. I also like the world design of NetVRk a lot more.

The genesis islands look so much better than a giant square. So I do think it’s likely that both projects will succeed to some degree, but I also think one Metaverse project will probably become super dominant and gain most of the adoption.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to grab a bit of each of them. Not just NetVRk or Decentraland but their other competitors as well.

As I said, I’m really excited about NetVRk. I think general-purpose Metaverse have just an insane potential.

We’re still at the very early stages where it’s not pretty or as ironed out as it will be but just looking at how much the visuals have improved over time and when you consider the possibilities for business socialization entertainment gaming education.

And the projected growth of VR adoption the opportunity for early adopters is pretty substantial.

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