Enter the Metaverse — the first app for free. Just whether it’s worth wasting your time…


You can now enter the world of Meta, prepared by Facebook. As long as you live on the right side of the globe, have the right equipment, and dream of playing a game that resembles a poor relative of Minecraft.


Horizon Worlds in the metaverse available to all. Under a few conditions.

Yesterday Meta announced that the first of the metaverse’s big interactive apps, Horizon Worlds, has been made available to everyone. For free. There are just a few catches.

The Meta is pumping in gigantic amounts of money to attract people to Horizon Worlds.

With the release of Horizon Worlds, Meta intends to hold the first of many contests for developers to earn money by getting involved in expanding the virtual world. Meta intends to allocate $10 million to attract developers and users.

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